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Xiaomi Youpin Wanbo T2 Free / Pro / Max Portable Mini Projector Full HD 1080P Indoor Home Theater Android TV Box Built-in
Price RM499.00 - RM899.00
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Brand Xiaomi Youpin
Size (L x W x H) 27 cm x 22 cm x 18 cm
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Model: Wanbo T2 Free
Projection technology: LCD
Size: 110*150*140mm
Light source brightness: 150 ANSI lumen light source
Compatible with 1080 pixel resolution
Life of the LED bulb is up to 20,000 hours
Projecting Ratio:  1.35:1
Project on screen sizes: ranging from 40 – 120 inches
Projector needs to be focused manually
Supports ±40° vertical keystone correction
USB 2.0
Power: 19V 3A

Wanbo Projector T2 Free has a 150 ANSI lumen light source and is compatible with 1080 pixel resolution. 

Wanbo Projector T2 Free can project on screen sizes ranging from 40-120 inches from a distance of 1.5-3.0 meters. The projector needs to be focused manually and the scrolling button to do that is located at the rear.

Wanbo T2 Free uses a fully enclosed internal circulation heat dissipation optical machine technology. The design can completely eliminate the impact of the buildup of dust on the optical path and thus extend the lifespan of the projector.

Wanbo Projector T2 Free supports

HDMI HD INPUT (Required 5V)
Wanbo Projector T2 Free features an HDMI, AV and other input interfaces which is convenient for connecting devices such as notebooks and TV boxes.

1) I turned it on, but there is no screen?
A: Please check whether the power is connected, press the button to boot, the system needs to run for 2 seconds to light the machine, please do not press the switch button continuously.
2) How to connect to the Internet?
A: This section only supports U disk local playback. Does not support WIFI networking function. If you need to support the WIFI connection function, we recommend you to purchase the Wanbo projector T2Pro or use the Android smart box.
3) What is the projection ratio?
A: The projection ratio is: 1.35:1, the projection size range: 40-120 inches, the recommended projection size is 50-80 inches.
4) The picture is not clear, how to adjust the focus?
A: Please turn the top gear ring to adjust the projection focal length to a clear point. When the focus size is adjusted to the maximum value on the left and right, please do not force it to continue to adjust.
5) Why is the remote control not sensitive?
A: The remote control receiver is located in front of the projector. Please point the remote control at the projection screen for remote control.
6) Is there a significant difference between the projection effects of day and night?
A: Yes, it is better to watch at night.
7) What is the service life of the T2 Free lens of the Wanbo projector?
A: >20000 hours (with good heat dissipation)
8) Is there a built-in battery?
A: This product has no built-in battery and needs to be plugged in for battery life. If you need a product with a built-in battery, we recommend that you choose Wanbo smart projection.

Packages Included
1 x Projector
1 x Controller
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual

【1 Year Warranty】

What's in the box
  • 1 x Projector
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual