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【80℃ Sterilization Washing】

- High temperature washing baby clothes, 99.9% sterilization rate is clean and healthy.


【60 ℃ Mite Removal Washing】

- The built-in mite-removing washing mode can effectively kill 99.9% of mites in personal clothing.


【3KG Capacity】

- Adult clothes and children clothes can be washed, also suitable for dormitory apartments.


【Low Noise】

- Washing noise is as low as 48dB.


【Self-cleaning in High-Temperature Barrel】

- The inner wall of the barrel is washed with high-speed water flow, and the water is air-dried to avoid bacteria breeding.


【Small Size】

- Only 0.18 square meters, can match a variety of home scenes.


【App Control】

- Control the washing machine through Mi Home App to get more cleaning modes and more parameter settings.


【10 Kinds of Special Stain Wash】

- Easily wash/remove stains like chocolate stains, milk stains, fruit stains, baby food, and more.