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- Digital tire pressure detection

- Stop when the preset pressure is full

- Built-in lithium battery

- A multi-purpose machine

- USB charging, LED lighting



One-handed Operation

By optimizing the structural design, when the smart phone is inserted, the zinc alloy clamp arm can be automatically clamped and operated with one hand, that is, the battery is charged immediately, and the operation is more convenient.

20W MAX High Power Wireless Fast Charge

The ZMI car bracket supports fast charging, and it is used with the AMI car charger in the package to meet the wireless output of up to 20W, and the charging is faster.

Zinc Alloy Clamp Arm Is More Stable

A triangle is formed between the zinc alloy clamp arm and the base, and the inside of the clamp arm and the base is provided with plastic and non-slip pads. It firmly clamps the mobile phone and protects your smart device in all directions.

Driving Navigation & Charging Are Completed At The Same Time

It is a car mobile phone holder and a car wireless charger. While driving, charging while navigating, enjoy the convenience brought by technology.