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  • Strong power, quick replenishment and more convenient
  • Super long battery life, full charge and longer inflating tire
  • Compact body, easy to store
  • Automatic charging and stopping, smart charging and stopping will not cause excessive charging
  • LED Digital screen, clear and no ghosting
  • No fear of high pressure, and suitable for various inflatable scenarios
  • Press sync; New Generation heating massage head
  • 3 seconds quick heating; Warmth arrives directly without waiting
  • Skin-friendly warmth;40~45degrees optional constant temperature
  • Warm and light; Good feedl and more comfortable pressing
  • Charge once a week; No wrries about battery life with Type-C Interface
  • Art Gift Box, faill in lower at first sight, unconventional
  • Free the hands of the "poop" shoveler, so you dont have to sohvel poop every day
  • Multiple sets of sensors detect the cat's toileting behaviour and automatically activate after leaving manual cleaning
  • Automatic / Manual cleaning mode can be set
  • The automatic cleaning mode can set the cleaning time to start after the pet goes to the toilet 1-30 minutes
  • Remote one-click cleaning
  • With right-time "Do Not Disturb" model, you can customize the time period for pausing automatic cleaning
  • Adopting Japanese Aspen deodorization technology and purre natural plant odor free-ingredient
  • The large window does not turn over
  • Making efficient degreasing and healthier
  • Fast and efficient cooking
  • One-click cooking with preset recipes
  • 大视窗不翻面,高效脱脂更健康。快速高效烹饪,预置菜谱一键烹饪
  • 1920 x 1080 High Resolution
  • 165Hz High Refresh Rate
  • 1ms GTG Recruiting people one step faster
  • 178° Wide Viewing Angle
  • HDR 10* Richer Light
  • 8-bit professional colour
  • High dynamic display enhancement Technology VESA DisplayHDRT 400 Certification
  • Magic Ring dual-filtration water purification technology
  • 6T/h ultra-large flow rate, three-effect magic washing
  • No need to replace the filter element
  • Universal double brushes, double cleaning, reaching everywhere, minimalist and lightweight design, cleaning effortlessly
  • Dust and Gas separation, prevent clogging and improves dust collection efficiency
  • 40 minutes long battery life
  • Can turn into effective dust mite
  • 99.5% high effiency filtration
  • Can be folded flat at 180 degrees to solve cleaning issues.
  • Front and back high-speed rotating roller brushes
  • Double cleaning and more labor-saving
  • Real-time cleaning + one-click cleaning, more convenient care
  • Dual water tanks for cleaning and cleaning
  • 35-minutes long-lasting battery life
  • Thin and light body, can lie flat when cleaning
  • Frameless, clean along the edges, leaving no dirt on the corners
  • Comes with traction, free and smooth control
  • 1kg gold capacity
  • Compact body
  • Easy to place
  • Efficient deep sterilization
  • Special stain washing for babies and children
  • Mijia APP Smart linkage
  • :: Immersive training guidance to burn calories efficiently
  • :: Multi-dimensional training data recording to comprehensively understand sports progress
  • :: Exercise course guidance to scientifically burn fat more effectively
  • :: 3 Skipping modes available: Free, target, and interval training
  • :: Corded/Cordless dual mode, burning indoors and outdoors at any time.
  • :: 3 sets of Hall sensor for more accurate counting
  • :: Borderless dot matrix screen display, sports data can be viewed at the touch of a finger
  • 3 in 1 Desktop drinking machine
  • Hot, Cold and Purifications
  • 5℃ chilled water
  • Cold water comes out with one click; quick heating in 3 seconds
  • No waiting for hot water; professional RO filtration
  • 3-year long-lasting RO filter element
  • Large screen smart display faucet
  • Dual-core 7-stage fine filtration
  • BPA-free, safe for baby to drink
  • Rated total water purification capacity reaches 5000L
  • Water shortage, low temperature protection

600G reverse osmosis membrane

Dual outlet design

Side-exchange core

Intelligent interconnection

  • 1000G large flux
  • No need to replace RO filter element for 5 years
  • 6-level fine filtration
  • No stale water all the time
  • Real time monitoring TDS level
  • Mijia APP linkage
  • One-key operation, fast trimming and synchronous polishing.
  • The curved opening fits the fingertips better, effectively preventing accidental injury.
  • Auxiliary lighting is added to the cutter head, which is automatically turned on after booting, which is simple and convenient.
  • When the product is in use, the volume is about 40 decibels, and the bass is like a whisper.
  • Strong power, fast cutting and grinding without lagging.
  • The sleek and easy-to-handle body makes children fall in love with nail cutting.
  • Fully fitted arc-shaped protective support, multi-level protection, safer operation.
  • The back storage design allows the trimmed debris to be sucked into the nail debris bin to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
  • It takes 2-3 hours to charge and lasts for 3 hours. It can be trimmed for more than 30 times, and it can stand by for half a year.
  • The body is small and light, easy to carry.
  • realBoost Dual Drivers
  • 50dB Active Noise Cancellation
  • Up to 40 Hours of Playback, 10 mins Charge for 7 hours Playback
  • 40ms Super Low Latency
  • 4000Hz Ultra-wide Band Noise Cancellation
  • Dynamic Bass Boost
  • Personalized Audio Algorithm
  • 360° Spatial Audio Effect
  • 6-Mic Call Noise Cancellation
  • Water resistance rating:IPX5 (earbuds only)


Multifunctional Rice cooker: cooking, steaming, Congee, stewing, etc

1L compact capacity for 1-2 people

Durable and Non-stick surface for easy cleaning

300W high power


Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty

Separable dual-light design

Bluetooth smart control

NiteCore Extreme light adjustment

IP54 rating dust and water resistance